General Info

  • All events are 1/8th mile only.
  • All events may be flashlight or Instant green
  • Friday Night will be Match Racing and Grudge Only. Call it Test n Tune if you want but there will be no solo passes. Limit of 2 Match/Grudge races per car allowed for all classes on Friday night. NO TIMES will be posted on scoreboards and NO time slips will be given (other than 6.0 Index classes which must run in groups) which will be available upon request on Friday night only)
  • ATTENTION True Street, Small Tire and Big Tire*** If you run on Friday and request a timeslip… you will be DQ’d from Saturday main event. Saturday is class racing only until 2 rounds of eliminations in all classes are complete or later. Match racing and Grudge will continue after.
  • PAIRING-All pairings will be decided by chip drawing.
  • RUN ORDER- On race day/main event (Saturday) run order will be based off car count in each class. Highest car count class will be 1rst to go and in order of car count. All points classes will run 1rst round no matter what the car count. However.. we will make every effort for all finals to run at same time so some classes may be skipped during rounds. Example: If Small Tire class has 24 cars and 0 Index has 9.. the lower car count class may not run again until 3rd  round.
  • All entries must meet the spirit of their respective class due to the fact there are gray areas. DSNP will have final call on all cars in these classes but, in the rare event that a car is questionable, Existing racers entered in such class will have the opportunity of a “GO” or “NO-GO” vote majority rule. Once again on rare occasion, there may be an exception to be considered.
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