2017 DSNP Championship Points System

The DSNP series is proud to be announcing the Official 2017 DSNP Championship Points Race. The DSNP series will be awarding Championships in 2017 for the following classes: Big Tire, Small Tire, True Street and 6.0 Index. Points will be accumulated from the DSNP events using the total points accumulated at 5 of 6 events. At the end of the season the class champion in each of these DSNP classes will be able to proudly display the #1 permanent number for the entirety of the next DSNP season. Competitors in each class that finish in positions 2 through 10 in points receive #2 through #10 permanent numbers for the next DSNP season.

DSNP Membership: Every competitor, participating in the DSNP Series (includes all DSNP classes, except Factory Street, Cash Days and Tailgate) must maintain a current DSNP Competition # and a 2017 competition decal, to be eligible for earning series championship points. This will be available at the event or online at DirtySouthRacing.net.

1.1 General Guidelines: Points are awarded based on registration, elimination rounds lost and Bonus points. A competitor will be advanced to the next round of competition once they are declared a winner in the previous round. It will not be necessary for a competitor to participate in a losing round to be awarded points for that round. •The only way DSNP points will be awarded for eliminations is the following: 1) Driver losses a round of racing in competition. 2) Winning event

1.2 Points Eligibility: In order to be awarded points in the DSNP organization the driver must be competing in a vehicle which is deemed capable of running within the class participating by the DSNP Technical Staff. This rule is designed to prevent the “rental car” problem of competitors attempting to gain points by running a non-competitive vehicle. DSNP Class Racers (BT, ST, TS and IN) will all earn points through tech-in/registration, eliminations, and bonus point opportunities. In all cases DSNP points will be awarded to the driver only, and cannot be transferred in any manner or form. In the event of a disqualification of either a driver or a vehicle for misconduct or noncompliance of class rules, the DSNP Director may penalize the driver by removing their points from either that event or any and all points accumulated throughout the season if necessary.

1.3 •Points will be calculated in the following manner: -DSNP HEADS UP CLASSES: In all DSNP Heads up Classes 5 out of 6 events will be utilized to calculate a competitor’s base point’s position.

Series & Event & Bonus Points competitors who compete in DSNP Heads-up Classes (BT, ST, TS and IN) will receive:

  • Racers that compete in 6 of 6 DSNP events will receive 100 bonus points; (All 6 entries must be in the same class)

1.4 Tech-In/Registration Points: Points Awarded for Tech-In in all classes. 50 points are awarded when the driver successfully completes the tech-in/registration process on a racecar and participates in 1rst round. (If driver misses “draw” he or she will NOT receive points)

1.5 Points Awarded for Eliminations Each round won is awarded 100 points. Winner in each class are awarded 100 points.

Example of 16 car field: (Classes are NOT limited to 16 cars)

1st round winner 100 points

2nd round winner 200 points

3rd round winner 300 points

4th round winner 400 points

Winner 500 points.

1.6 Rain Out/Race Cancellation Points Policy In the event of a rain-out and/or race cancellation, any racer that has successfully completed the registration and tech-in/registration process PRIOR to the formal announcement of race cancellation will be eligible to receive tech-in/registration points, and will be eligible to count the race as “attended” for bonus point’s calculations. This “time frame” for tech-in may be adjusted, as deemed necessary, by the Competition Director depending on specific weather conditions and scheduling. In the event of race cancellation, those racers choosing to retain points from tech-in & for bonus will not be eligible for credit on their race entry/credential.

1.7 DSNP Points after Disqualification: Any contestant disqualified automatically loses all points for that particular event. The race will be charged to the contestant’s overall quota of races attended and the contestant will be charged with a non-replaceable “zero grade” event that will be used as one of the scored events in calculating national standings. Additional penalties may be imposed by the DSNP organization. Contestants will be notified if additional penalties are forthcoming.

1.8 Competitor Obligations: The DSNP points will be posted following each event. It will be the responsibility of each competitor to verify the posted points following each event. Should a competitor wish to contest the posted points they shall have no more than ten days following the postings to officially contest the postings. This must be done in writing and provided to the Event Coordinator. The deadline to contest official DSNP points for the 2017 season is Nov 11, 2017, unless specified otherwise by DSNP.

1.9 Tie Breaker Procedures: In the event that two competitors tie for points at the end of the racing season, If both drivers agree they can race for the tie-breaker. If either refuses Champion will be awarded

  1. To the racer who participated in the most events.

2. If a tie still exists it will be awarded the racer that achieved the higher points total in his last event.

  1. If a tie still exists it will be awarded the racer that achieved the higher finishing position in their last event, (ex: winner, runner-up, semi-finals).
  2. If the tie still exists it will be decided by a coin toss. (DON’T LET IT COME TO THIS!)


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